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Ghana: Female Motorcycle Mechanics and Solar Technicians graduate in Bolgatanga

  31 Mai      8        Innovation (4304), Society (26804),


Bolgatanga, May 31, GNA – The Community Development Vocational Technical Training Institute (CDVTI)with sponsorship from the German Cooperation (GIZ) and partners, have graduated 42 Female Motorcycle Mechanics and Solar Technicians (FeMMSTECH)in Bolgatanga.
Out of the 42 students, 36 graduated as solar energy installation technicians and six graduated as motor mechanics after they had successfully passed the National Vocation Training Institute (NVTI) examinations.
The FeMMSTECH is a project implemented by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) – Employment for Sustainable Development (E4D) in Africa, in collaboration with Japan Motors Group Limited, NorthLite Solar Limited, the Northern Development Authority (NDA), and co-financed by Quoniam Asset Management GmbH.
The project, seeks to increase women’s participation in male-dominated technical trades by building the capacities of women to gain employment in the growing market in sales, service, maintenance and repairs of motorcycles and photovoltaic appliances in Northern Ghana.
The graduates were awarded NVTI Proficiency I Certificates and were each presented with basic start-up tools to promote their transition to work and to earn incomes for themselves.
A total of 127 females (93 are solar technicians and 34 motor mechanics) in three schools namely; the Saint Mary’s Vocational Training Institute in Tamale, the CDVTI in Bolgatanga and the Saint Basilides Technical Vocational Institute at Kaleo, in the Upper West Region have been trained and graduated in NVTI Proficiency.
Besides, new departments and training workshops to offer technical vocational training in motorcycle repairs and maintenance as well as installation and maintenance of photovoltaic appliances would be established within the selected VTIs and would remain part of the institutions curriculum even after completion.
Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Mr John Duti, Team leader of E4D of the Deutsche GIZ stressed on the “need to bridge the gender gap” and “to overcome prevailing gender stereotypes, cultural or religious barriers to ensure that women have full access to general education, TVET qualifications, and professional options”.
Representatives of Japan Motors Group Limited and NorthLite Solar Limited who had been key to the successful implementation of the project, expressed their gratitude to the cooperation and wished all students the best in their work life.
In a speech read on her behalf, Madam Paulina Patience Abayage, the Upper East Regional Minister said government was undertaking skills gap analysis in key priority sectors of the economy so that programmes and courses of vocational and training institutions could be fashioned to be more responsive to the technical and skill needs of various sectors of the economy.
Mrs Angelina Talata Kunkuri, the Principal of the Bolgatanga CDVTI congratulated the graduates and said “I can boldly say with confidence that you have been adequately equipped with the necessary tools to challenge your future.”
“Do not go and add up to the unemployed masses. With your acquired entrepreneurship, solar and motor skills, be creative, start solving problems in your various vicinities. Through that, the world will locate you even if you are in a hole.”
Mrs Kunkuri expressed gratitude to the GIZ, Japan Motors Group Limited, NorthLite Solar Limited and the Northern Development Authority (NDA) for their support.

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