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Cherish unity as Muslims – Imam urges

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Tema, May 14, GNA – Alhaji Mohammed Ali, the Imam of Masjid Bilal Mosque at Gbetsile, has advised Muslims to exhibit love towards one another wherever they find themselves.

The Imam noted that the reasonable service for all Muslims was to love one another and « eschew people who bring divisions through gossiping and speaking ill of others; rather embrace togetherness among yourselves. »

He encouraged Muslims to be each other’s keepers and provide support to the poor and the needy in their communities.

« The greatest love that one can demonstrate to a neighbour is to assist him with his needs. »

He said that it was an abomination for a Muslim to beg for alms while a brother had it in abundance.

Speaking with the Ghana News Agency at Tema, Alhaji Abdul Aziz, a member of the Muslim community, lauded the Muslim leadership for the idea of holding prayers at the various mosques and the measures put in place to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus.

He said, « our prayers have been heard by God although we couldn’t meet with our brothers from different communities; we are glad to celebrate this day ».

He said it was important for believers to obey the authorities of the country, stressing “hopefully COVID-19 shall pass and we shall worship together soon. »

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