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Launch of NWL-FAAPA Website, a Communication Tool for African Press Agencies Women Leaders

  1 Septembre      38        Women's Leadership (329),


Rabat, 01/09/2021 (MAP)- The network of women leaders of African news agencies (NWL) has launched its website ( on Wednesday, in application of the recommendations of the last General Assembly of the Atlantic Federation of African News Agencies (FAAPA), which is chaired by MAP’s Director General, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi.
This website, which is a space for communication, is intended for journalists and women leaders of this Pan-African Federation and represents a real vector between all those interested in the issue of female leadership.
It seeks be an evolving and interactive website and to boost communication and the exchange of information between the various stakeholders and partners of the network of women leaders.
It also provides, in its French and English versions, information and data on the network of women leaders of African news agencies as well as on female leadership in general.
This website also contains visual elements that make it more attractive, the goal being to increase the visibility and notoriety of this communication platform both at the African and international level.
In her welcome message published on the site, journalist Carine Edwige MINDZE, General Coordinator of the NWL-FAAPA, highlights the role of this network, which aims to be a professional platform dedicated to female leadership in the realization of actions aimed at the enhancement and development of female leadership in Africa and elsewhere. It also emphasizes the importance of the website, which constitutes a real space for communication and sharing.
The network of women leaders of African news agencies was created on October 17, 2019 by journalists and women executives who participated in the seminar on the theme « Women leadership: needs and strategies of African news agencies », organized at the African Center of Training of Journalists (CAFJ) in Rabat, Morocco.
Its objectives are to establish a strategic partnership and to promote the exchange of experiences and data as well as the sharing of skills between its members in all areas of common interest, particularly in the field of female leadership.

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