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Set up monitoring committees for the NPP nationwide registration exercise

  25 Septembre      3        Politics (17833),


Odumase, (B/R), Sept. 25, GNA-The Leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been urged to set up committees to monitor the party’s nationwide on-going new registration exercise to achieve desirable outcomes.
Mr Yaw Dabie Appiah Mensah, a leading member of the Party, who gave the advice, said the committees ought to be constituted at the national, regional and constituency levels to monitor the exercise.
He also suggested for the extension of the deadline for the registration exercise to ensure that floating, but interested voters, genuine and loyal members of the party were captured.
In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Odumase in the Sunyani West Municipality, Mr Mensah, a former regional organiser of the NPP in the then Brong-Ahafo Region noted the exercise had been characterised by complacency and lackadaisical behaviours.
He said interest and attitudes of voters and some NPP members regarding the new registration in many constituencies remained low due to poor publicity on the exercise, hence the need for intensified publicity.
“The credibility of our register will be at stake if we fail to monitor the registration exercise and conduct vigorous checks on the backgrounds of applicants”, the former organiser stated.
Mr Mensah said a genuine and credible register would not only give the true reflection of the members of the party, but would put the NPP in a better position to strategize well in the 2024 election to retain political power in the next elections.
He said though the numerous achievements of the government had positioned the party well to have greater advantage over the National Democratic Congress (NDC), it would be politically suicidal if the party relaxed and failed to sell the achievements to the voting masses, particularly those at the grassroots.
Mr Mensah said the Election 2024 was closer and there was the need for the NPP leadership to support and rekindle the spirits of regional, constituency and polling stations executives to reach out to and propagate the achievements of the government to the voting population.
This, he observed, would greatly empower voters to understand the policies and social interventions programmes put in place by the government that would enable them to make informed decisions, and vote to retain the NPP in Election 2024 to break the nation’s eight-year jinx.
“From all indications, one could easily see the fortunes of the NPP in election 2024 are brighter, but because elections have to do with numbers, we should avoid complacency and work hard to break the eight-year jinx.
“The government has provided us with many campaign messages including; the implementation of the free Senior High School programme which has benefited a lot of Ghanaians, One-District-One-Factory, Planting for Food and Jobs and others that we can sell to the masses and woo them to our party for victory 2024”, he added.

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