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‘Media Strategic Partner To Liberia’s Fisheries Sector’ – Glassco

MONROVIA, May 25 (LINA) – As Liberia’s fisheries sector continues to get more support and recognition under the George Weah led-government, the Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA), Madam Emma M. Glassco has praised the local media as strategic partner to the accelerated growth of the fisheries sector.

Speaking during the start of a week-long training on Fisheries Access Agreements and Arrangements in Monrovia on Monday, the NaFAA Director General lauded the effort of the local media for continuously elevating development of the fisheries sector.

Madam Glassco believes that though the local media is reporting fisheries issues, there is a need for more capacity building to strengthen the skill of journalists to adequately inform the public.

She indicated that strengthening their technical knowledge on this emerging economic sector will definitely help them in their reporting and presentations.

According to her, such capacity building would help journalists to expand their understanding in fisheries and the workings of NaFAA.

“We have invited members of the independent media to participate in this training program, as we see the media as a strategic partner, » she said.

She noted that capacity building is pivotal to improving the output of an institution, adding that human resources are the greatest resource and want participants to take advantage of the training.

The five-day international fishery capacity building training is being facilitated by Africa Legal Support Facility (ALSF).

Participants at the training are being trained and drilled through several topics, including Fisheries access agreements and arrangements, access agreement types and the typical structure of an access agreement; the interests of African States, and the dominant fishing fleets, their strategies and tactics.

Other topics for discussion include regional co-operation and the minimum terms and conditions of access approach, management of access agreements by Coastal States and conservation and environmental issues.

Participants are also being taught about the Law of the Sea Convention, fish stocks agreement, FAO Compliance Agreement, FAO Port State Measures Agreement, FAO Code of Conduct, the Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO) treaties and other instruments.

Government ministries and agencies participating in the international fisheries training are the National Port Authority, Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice, Maritime, the Ministry of Agriculture, three Liberian lead talk show host, among others.

Funding for the training was provided by the African Development Bank.

Meanwhile, Director General Glassco lauded the AfDB for the support.

“We applaud the African Development Bank for the grant in the amount of about US$200,000.00 and look forward to more of such support,” she added.

According to Madam Glassco, funding for the workshop was sourced following the participation of two of NaFAA Directors, Siekula T. Vannie and Alexander Dunbar at a training in South Africa.

She mentioned that the two Directors didn’t only participate, but negotiated for similar training to take place in Liberia.

She explained that in 2018, she received an invitation to travel to South Africa for a workshop organized by the African Legal Support Facility and funded by the African Development Bank but due to tight schedule she sent Mr. Alexander Dunbar, from the Policy Planning and Investment Department and Mr. Siekula Vannie, Human Resource Director to attend.

« Little did I know that sending my HR was a good decision, after they returned I was briefed on the training and it was recommended that we conduct a similar training for our senior staff as we are heavily engaged in fisheries negotiation almost on a daily basis,” she stressed.