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Angola/Zambia border reopened

Lumbala Nguimbo -Angola border with Republic of Zambia was reopened Tuesday by the provincial governor of Moxico, Ernesto Muangala, after being closed for two years to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ernesto Muangala highlighted that the opening of the border will allow the two peoples to be « closer, united and fraternal », boosting trade and free circulation of people and goods.

The governor added that the moment will reinforce the already existing cooperation in the education and health domains.

On his turn, the deputy permanent secretary of the Zambian province of Mungo, Richard Muluannda, pointed out that the act creates conditions conducive to strengtheningĀ  cooperation between the two peoples.

Angola shares an extensive border with Zambia of about 890 kilometres.

About 311 kilometres separate the municipality of Bundas (Moxico) with the municipality of Sicongo, in the province of Mungo, Republic of Zambia.