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Marrakech Euro-Med., Gulf Forum: Experts Call for Supporting Nigeria-Morocco Pipeline Project

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Marrakech, 08/12/2022 (MAP) – Experts participating in the first Parliamentary Economic Forum for the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf Region stressed the need to support the Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project, during a plenary session held Thursday in Marrakech.

With the aim of promoting the Euro-African energy supply chain and creating a common ecosystem for the management of liquefied natural gas (LNG), the experts supported this initiative, while stressing the pivotal role of North-South cooperation to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Given the economic, energy and geopolitical heterogeneity of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf region, political dialogue and trans-regional cooperation and coordination were unanimously recognized as essential to counter the current energy and climate crises.

Participants in this plenary session also discussed the need to establish international scientific research centers focused on energy security and transition, involving all countries of the regions.

Furthermore, they agreed on the need to ensure adequate financing for the green transition through the implementation of additional measures, given the scarcity of available resources in relation to the scale of financing required.

In their conclusions, the speakers at this session emphasized the absolute necessity to foster the creation of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf Energy Community.

They also called for promoting the harmonization of regulatory and legislative frameworks, both in the environmental and energy sectors, advancing the development and integration of common regional infrastructure, logistics systems and trade, and promoting long-term and capital-intensive investments, while strengthening public-private partnerships and cooperation with international financial institutions.

Finally, it was suggested that the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (MPA) panel on trade and investment be the platform to facilitate the establishment of the new Community and to identify the main priorities and strategic issues to focus on.

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