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Morocco Carries High Banner of New, Dynamic Africa – French Geopolitician

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Paris, 15/03/2023 (MAP) – Morocco carries high the banner of a new and dynamic Africa in the context of its South-South policy, an issue in which the Kingdom is « fully committed » and « sets an example, » said Charles Saint-Prot, Director General of the Observatory of Geopolitical Studies (OES) in Paris.

« Faced with the many challenges of the modern world and the perils that threaten the Maghreb and Sahel-Saharan region, the Kingdom of Morocco holds the course of a global project, with the objective of greater political, social and economic development, » said Saint-Prot in an op-ed.

« Morocco is moving, » he notes, adding that « where others only talk, Morocco acts: it acts from Palestine to Africa. » Morocco’s African policy is set up as a « tradition » especially since it is « deeply rooted » in the millennial history of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom’s African policy is a « major asset » of Morocco, and its result is « entirely the work » of HM King Mohammed VI, who since his enthronement in 1999, « reconciles tradition and progress, » said the French academic.

The African policy of Morocco is also a « progress » because HM King Mohammed VI « continues and enriches the African policy of the Kingdom, » he noted.

According to the director general of the OES, the South-South cooperation is the great idea of the Sovereign, arguing that if the progression of South-South cooperation is one of the challenges for the southern world, Morocco is fully committed to this issue and it sets the example.

« It has increased aid to many countries, it has carried out a series of socio-economic projects, it has cancelled the debts of the least developed African countries, it multiplies economic, sports and other projects.

It also hosts thousands of African students, most of whom receive scholarships from the Moroccan government, » adds the editorialist, for whom « in reality, Morocco carries high the banner of a new and dynamic Africa.

In 2017, a page has been turned by Africa with the return of Morocco to the African Union, noting that « Morocco has imposed itself as the advocate and leader of Africa through the African diplomacy led by HM the King. »

Morocco is one of the « few stable countries south of the Mediterranean and the only one that is taking resolute and constant action against the factors of disorder and extremism, » adding that the Kingdom is a « key player » in the African area and an « indispensable partner » in the fight against extremism.

« In fact, African countries see well who is sincerely interested in promoting a policy of African cooperation. This is undoubtedly the reason for the warm welcome given to the frequent and intense visits of HM King Mohammed VI to Africa, » he concluded.

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