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President’s message


Welcome address by the President of the FAAPA
Dear users, welcome to the website of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies. FAAPA is a professional platform. In this capacity, it aims to encourage the exchange of experiences, information and multimedia products. FAAPA also aims to promote the exchange of ideas on the future of news agencies and the role they must play in the 21st century. This endeavor needs to take place in a manner that respects their diversity and their respective characteristics, while being fully aware of the profound changes of the media landscape in the context of the global village and the multimedia era.
Since its inception, the African Federation has set up goals to establish a strategic partnership to develop professional relationships between news agencies and contribute to consolidate the free flow of information. Furthermore, FAAPA is geared to carry forward cooperation and coordination amongst them in regional and international fora in order to jointly be able to cope with new challenges in terms of information exchange and communication.
The website of FAAPA is designed to be a progressive and interactive portal reflecting the state of mind of the Federation itself. It is a communication medium with tremendous potential for informing people around the world, while highlighting the activities of African news agencies to achieve the objectives of the Federation, and bearing in mind the diverse backgrounds of its visitors.
As a full-fledged means available to all stakeholders interested in the development of news agencies and their future as well as opening new horizons for Africa, this website aims to promote the communication and the exchange of information among members and internal and external partners of FAAPA. It also aims to increase the presence and the brand of the Federation both in Africa and internationally, allowing the public direct access to information concerning the African countries.
This website is open for all those who are in search of African continuous flow of information or need to be informed on the activities of FAAPA. It will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening the professional relationship between the members and partners of the Federation, from Casablanca to Johannesburg via Dakar and Libreville and from Bamako to Luanda via Lagos and Kinshasa. It will indeed serve as a gateway helping the African countries to get to know each other, to get closer and strengthen their cooperation both bilaterally and multilaterally.

We invite you to visit this website regularly to stay abreast of African news.

Thank you for visiting our website.


President – FAAPA

Africa Awards The "Africa Awards" Prize handed in Canberra (Australia) to Mr. Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, President of the Atlantic Federation of African News Agencies (FAAPA) and Managing Director of the Moroccan News Agency (MAP)
Donation of computer equipment to the Congolese News Agency (ACI)
4th General Assembly of FAAPA


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