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Cookclean Ghana introduces efficient cookstove to address health challenges

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Accra, Dec. 14, GNA – Cookclean Ghana, in partnership with climate change partners, has introduced efficient cookstoves to stakeholders in the industry to address the environmental and health challenges.

The production of the fuel efficient cookstoves dubbed: “Odo Nti Project” was to help minimize the impact of smoke inhaled, especially by women and children, using solid fuels for cooking.

The introduction was done at a stakeholders’ meeting held in Accra, which brought together players in the industry to discuss how efficient cookstoves technologies can help transform lives in the communities.

It was attended by representatives from the Forestry Commission, Biogas Association of Ghana, Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and Fuels, Local Government and Rural Development, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and the Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions.

Others were the Family Aid Foundation, Strategic Youth Network for Development, Youth in Natural Resources, Energy Ghana and the chiefs and people of Kpobi Korpe Village, near Ofankor in the Greater Accra Region.

Mr Nicholas Manu, the Chief Executive Officer of Cookclean Ghana, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said people worldwide still relied on solid fuel like wood, charcoal and crop waste for cooking and heating.

“This way of cooking with inefficient fuel and technologies is a major contributor to indoor air pollution in the country, and causes 13,000 deaths annually,” he stated.

He said the intervention of the efficient “Odo Nti” cookstoves would help solve the many environmental and climate change related challenges and would provide maximum health benefits to many communities.

“The use of the cookstoves save lives, improve livelihood, and have massive health, environmental and can generate incomes for women in the communities,” he stated.

The CEO said the felling of trees for fuel in addition to poor agricultural practices posed a serious threat to the efforts of the authorities, hence the introduction of the product to save lives and protect the forest.

He said Cookclean Ghana had manufactured and sold 100,000 high impact cookstoves to institutions, schools for climate change mitigation and that each one used 50 per cent less fuel than the traditional stove and much safer for women and children.

He urged the stakeholders in the industry to network and show to the world Cookclean Ghana’s contribution to the clean cooking sector.

“Adoption of the project will lead to a significant decline in greenhouse gases emissions associated with the use of solid fuels for cooking and also the average household expenditure on cooking would decline,” he said.

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