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NDC: Seeks comeback to restore economy

Accra, Nov. 5, GNA – The huge number of infrastructure developments, the solid economic foundation laid out for the future, with enhanced social activities through prudent governance system under the immediate past National Democratic Congress (NDC) Administration, serves as a yardstick for a comeback.

“The NDC under President John Dramani Mahama laid a solid national foundation, which led to improved accessibility to all parts of the country. In the energy sector, we carried out infrastructural development that effectively ended Dumsor.

“Today, if Ghanaians enjoy continuous electricity in their homes and businesses, it is due to the prudent extensive infrastructural investments undertaken by the last NDC Administration led by President Mahama in the energy sector.

“The NDC has positively impacted the lives of the people of Ghana in every aspect,” therefore the mandate of the NDC needs to be renewed for a comeback to the seat of government to turn our beloved country, Ghana, into an advanced nation”.

The NDC in its Election 2020 Manifesto tagged: “The People’s Manifesto: Jobs and Prosperity for All,” based on which the party seeks for the mandate of the electorates on December 7th, stressed that it seeks to eradicate extreme poverty.

“We need to make sure that all Ghanaians are protected during the transition towards a fully modern Ghana, which the NDC will move the country towards. It is time to unite as one people, resume our journey towards building the future of Ghana. It is possible.

“This is the very ethos upon which the next NDC Government will be built – Social Justice and Equality. We will fight the deleterious effects of the poor economic management of the Akufo-Addo Government, and change the economic model to unearth the creativity of every Ghanaian”.

The NDC said the results of the current government’s model during the last four years, at the micro-level, were hardship, spiraling cost of living, high unemployment, massive job losses and a generally harsh economic climate.

“On the macro front, the mounting public debt, depreciating currency, and rising inflation above the failed NPP Government’s target, deteriorating balance of payment position and the current poor economic growth are tell-tale signs of an economy in deep distress”.

The NDC has the record and experience to turn around this dire economic situation in order to bring relief to the suffering masses of Ghana. Among others, prudent macroeconomic measures, anchored in sound management, will be rolled out.

The NDC said the public debt would be brought under control, if elected for a comeback, inflation would be reduced to the barest minimum, and a low taxation regime instituted as well as restore inclusive growth to appreciable levels, while the business environment would be made friendly again.

“The long-suffering Ghana Cedi will be stabilised and strengthened. The private sector will receive the biggest job-related stimulus package in Ghanaian history. The financial sector will be sanitised, and emphasis placed on growing Ghanaian participation in the economy.

“We will put an immediate end to the vindictive targeting and collapse of indigenous Ghanaian businesses and its attendant job losses. Job creation will be the predominant preoccupation of the next NDC Government as a way of enhancing the livelihoods of our people, under a One Million Jobs, EDWUMA PA Plan”.

The NDC explained that there would be major annual recruitment of young Ghanaians into an expanded and productive public sector based on a carefully conducted Human Resource Gap Analysis.

In addition, “we will launch a National Apprenticeship Programme that will train technically skilled human resource, for rapid industrialisation, job creation and entrepreneurship. The NDC has done this before by ensuring the most stable and prosperous period of economic management during which the highest economic growth rates and the longest sustained period of single-digit inflation were recorded”.

The NDC will again generate economic growth that creates infrastructure and sustainable jobs, drawing on this record, “we will usher Ghana into an era of shared prosperity under which all Ghanaians reap the fruit of their labour and not a privileged few who carve out state resources for their exclusive benefit.

“Ghana cannot afford to do things in the same old way. Survival and success for today and future generations require a much more urgent and, in some cases, painful change of prevailing economic and social relations”.

The NDC noted that it is seeking for a comeback to prepare Ghana to cope with the current global changes, and “we are ready to lead the country to open up new horizons, instill a new sense of purpose in our people, catching up on what we have missed, while taking steps to enhance our growth.

“The next NDC government is ready to build a knowledge-based economy to move the country faster into the new world of smart manufacturing and digital services; “this will not only generate growth, but also prosperity for all Ghanaians.

“We will create not only jobs, but sustainable and decent jobs, so that people can live dignified lives, we therefore call on Ghanaians to overwhelmingly vote for former President Mahama once again as the President and Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang as the first ever Female Vice President of Ghana”.