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Pres. Weah Mandates Lieutenants To Set Legacy; Dedicates 14th Gorbachop Market

  12 Octobre      20        Société (24151),


By Ibrahim A. Sherif

MONROVIA, Oct. 11 (LINA) – President George M. Weah has called on his able Lieutenants across the country to leave an indelible print through quality service to the Liberian people in their quest for growth and development.

The Liberian President admonished his officials to let go the issue of finding fault on past leaderships and focus on the development agenda set by the Government as they strive to address the huge infrastructure deficit of the country.

« Let’s forget about who di d not do it in 1847, 1842, 1829 or 2010. This is our time and we must make use of the time that we have, » President Weah cautioned his confidants amid jubilant cheers from the mammoth crowd of Liberians in attendance.

Speaking at the official dedicatory ceremony of the newly-constructed state-of-the-art 14 Gorbachop Market in the Omega Village community in Paynesville, the Liberians leader invoked a collective working relationship of appointed and elected officials in the CDC-led government that will leave a legacy through better service delivery to Liberians.

« If Liberia will be developed under us to leave a legacy, then it is now time that we work together so that we can make this first African independent State a success story, » President Weah said.

The Commander in Chief stressed that it is the dream and aspiration of the Government of Liberia, inclusive of appointed and elected officials as well as the electorates to ensure that the country succeeds in its development quest.

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) political leader warned Liberians against politicizing everything at the detriment of the common people, citing: « Let’s do the work together so that we can succeed together. »

Meanwhile, the Feminist-in- Chief of Liberia called on the would-be leadership of the 14th Gorbachop Market to maintain the facility in a way that represents them and what they stand for.

He asserted that the construction of the market is “a dream come true” for both he and the marketers on grounds that the marketers requested for a decent and bigger space to do daily transactions.

« God is witness, this market is a dream come true. It is not only my dream that has come true, but also your dream come true. It is also not only a promise made but also a promise kept, » Dr. Weah noted.

President Weah underscored the importance of peace for the enhancement of the marketing sector in the country, noting that if the sector is to achieve great things peaceful coherence must be the order of the day in everything they do.

« Let me remind you that for the marketing sector to continue to be successful and achieve great things; there must be peace. Without peace, the sector can’t grow. We need a team that will keep the peace and the marketing sector united, » the Liberian leader maintained.

He assured marketers of his government’s continuous commitment to the enchantment of the marketing sector by constructing and renovating market facilities across the country.

The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) disclosed that his quest for the improvement of infrastructure around the country will subsequently be extended to the Duala and Waterside markets.

Subsequently, the Liberian President extolled the Government and the people of Japan for providing the resources for the construction of the market.

He also appreciated Liberian taxpayers who, according to him, made it possible for the Liberian Government to meet its commitment in complementing the efforts of the Japanese Government.

According to statistics from the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), the 14th Gorbachop market is the biggest market facility ever constructed in the country and is situated on five acres of land.

The market also contains parking lot, sanitary facilities for male and females, office spaces, showers, garbage collection site, among other facilities.

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