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Prioritise safety on our roads – Rev Quamson

  18 Octobre      8        Société (24164),


Accra, Oct 18, GNA – The Reverend Thomas Henry Quamson, Senior Pastor, Assemblies of God, Holy Ghost Worship Centre, Ashaiman urges drivers and road users to prioritise safety on road to reduce accidents.
Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) he said the rate of accidents on roads in recent times was disturbing and needed attention from all stakeholders.
« Many valuable human resource has been lost to road accidents which could have been avoided, » he said.
Being a victim of road accidents in the past he said he understood very well the innocence of victims.
He said bad roads, lack of street lights, and inadequate presence of security on roads were some causes of road accidents.
Reverend Quamson called on the National Road Safety Authority and stakeholders to include a psychiatric medical examination to the mandatory medical examination requirements for issuance of Licence to drivers.
He said this would help ascertain the mental health of persons behind the steering wheel on roads.
Additionally, he suggested that there should be a ban on buses traveling after 2200 hours because he had observed that most deadly accidents recorded had been at dawn or night.
« If a doctor makes a mistake in the theater and someone dies it’s only one life lost but if a driver with passengers makes a mistake on the road many lives will be lost on the spot », he said.
He recalled that in 1982 during the Curfew when busses were prevented from moving at night there were not many accidents and the same could be said of the lockdown period earlier this year.
He advised drivers to rest when they feel tired to avoid accidents due to fatigue.

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