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Seven Communities in Ellembelle Connected to National Electricity Grid

  20 Novembre      8        Société (25429),


Aidoo-Suazo(W/R),Nov 20,GNA-The Member of Parliament(MP) for Ellembelle, MrEmmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah has supported the connection of seven communities to the national electricity grid in his constituency.
The connection, which is under the Rural Electrification Project (REP) is to boost social and economic activities of the people.
The predominantly cocoa- growing communities are; Ewerekokrom, Boahenekrom, Kwasikrom, Adjeikrom, Aidosuazo, Muntakwa and Santaso.
The Rural Electrification Project, was started by Mr. Kofi-Buah then Energy Minister in 2016, but stalled immediately the NDC government left power.
However, early this year Mr. Kofi-Buah located the contractor and paid the expenses involved for the completion of the project.
So far, 16 communities in the Northern part of the District now enjoy electricity through the instrumentality of Mr. Kofi-Buah.
Speaking at separate ceremonies to commission the project, Mr. Kofi-Buah thanked God for protecting the contractors and offering them the opportunity to carry electric poles through the forest to complete the project timely.
The MP acknowledged the role of people in those communities as they produced a chunk of Ghana’s Cocoa adding, that the road network would be fixed to enable them cart their cocoa to the Produce Buying Center(PBC).
The former Energy Minister advised them to make good use of electricity and conserve power adding that other major projects pencilled down would be executed after the December 07 elections and asked them to retain him and the NDC in power.
The Odikro of Aidosuazo, Nana John Aidoo expressed his gratitude and asked God to bless Armah Kofi-Buah for changing their lives.
« We have been in darkness for so many years, but today Armah Kofi-Buah has brought electricity here, we thank him, may God bless him in all his endeavours as for us we are rallying behind him until he becomes President of Ghana », he said.
He recalled that, « before today we have been traveling to far places to charge our phones, but today we will not travel anymore. Today we can drink iced water, we can preserve our fish here, this electricity is a blessing for us and everybody here is happy, God bless Armah Kofi-Buah ».
Mr.Amin Adams, the Foreman of Technology Management Group (TMG) who completed the project, expressed his happiness over the completion of the project.
He admitted that when they started the project in 2016, they had to stop the work due to some circumstances, but thanked Armah Buah for bringing them back to site to complete the project.
The Chief and people of Aidoo-Suazo presented a ram and foodstuffs to the MP in appreciation of his good work.

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