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Politics Minister Appointment

  2 Février      19        Politique (15305),


Ho, Feb 02, GNA- Mr. Prosper Afenyo, Acting Director of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) has noted that Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, the Regional Minister nominee had proved to be the one driving forward its development.
He said the Regional Minister, who is a medical doctor and an industrial investor in private life, had exhibited exceptional performance at managing the Region.
Mr Afenyo said under his watch, the IGF of all local Assemblies in the Region have been growing at an average rate of 20 percent, from nine before he took office.
As a result, Dr Letsa was awarded the best performing regional Minister in 2019.
“He would summon MMDCEs to raise funds for IGF collection. Such a person winning laurels, he understands every issue about public service. He perfectly supervises and monitors our performance. »
“It’s surprising that as a private man he knows so much,” the Director said to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in reaction to a recent show of disapproval by some members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), of the Regional Minster’s reappointment.
Mr Afenyo, who until his appointment was the Regional Budget Officer, stated that only a fraction of the people of the Region disapproved of Dr Letsa’s reappointment, and that major stakeholders endorsed his leadership.
“Just a small fraction of the people of the Region have shown up against him. Only a part of one Party is doing that. We must collate views of other sections of the public including chiefs, if we really want to access him.
“MMDCEs have his back 100 per cent. Chiefs from across the Region also support him. All 37 of the highly functional NGOs in the Region are behind him.
“We workers have his back because he is not selfish. »
Mr Afenyo said the Minister had worked to market the Region abroad and succeeded in attracting several foreign investors.
Members of the Party, who joined the demonstration against the Regional Minister’s reappointment, among other things, accused him of refusing to secure contracts for them.
“The Minister is not in charge of money. He has little influence over contracts,” Mr Afenyo stated.
He added that the Minister represented the President locally, headed the Regional Security Council, and therefore managed a job “so huge that campaign and other political activities must be undertaken by the District Chief Executives.”
“Security alone takes lots of time and effort. Nkonya, Alavanyo, and Adina etc were a lot of work. It involves lots of engagements with chiefs over petty disputes and he is making a lot of peace with chiefs. His works have led to most of the conflicts not escalating,” the Director said.
“They must seek and learn or they will put themselves to shame. They should realise and join him to secure the development of the Region,” he said, and mentioned how the Minister had taken upon himself the arduous task of securing land for investors in the Region, which he said was the most imposing barrier to investing in the Region.
If anyone says he loves Volta, he must show concern over the issue of land for investors. He must support hosting investors in Volta. »
He said the politically unstable zones of Nkonya and Alavanyo once claimed the nation’s top producer of food staples, and that the Regional Minister’s commitment to peace would help regrow the areas again.
“If they really understand these, they will not envy the Regional Minister.
“Dr Letsa is the best for the Region. He is well versed in public administration and also private sector investment management. Because of him, private public partnership in Volta has been excellent. He is full of ambidextrous skills and intellect. Such people are not common,” the Director stated.

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