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Police Send To Court 4 Youth For Attacking South Korean Investor In Sinoe

  9 Février      16        Société (29569),


GREENVILLE, Feb. 8 (LINA) – Police in Sinoe County have charged and sent to court four youth of Farmersville Township for ‘Aggravated Assault and Theft of Property’.

The four were identified as Samuel Dweh, Jr,, Bill Jaryenneh, Jeff Barduah and Lewis Ford.

According to the Police Crime Services Department, the four men were arrested for brutally attacking a 52 year-old South Korean Hydro Investor, Youngho Lee, who was brought into the county on January 27 by Representative Crayton Oldman Duncan.

The Crime Services Department said during an organized criminal attack, the four men reportedly broke the arm of Youngho Lee and made away with his phone which was later retrieved by the police.

The Korean had come with Representative Duncan to work on a hydro project on the Sinoe River Fall in SRC, Lower Wedjah in Sinoe County.

Several citizens of Sinoe County, who spoke to the Liberia News Agency following the act, expressed serious disappointment in the youth of Farmersville, and called on the judiciary to conduct transparent trial in the matter.

Samuel Johnson, an elder of the Township of Farmersville described the alleged act as “wicked” and recommended that perpetrators of the act be jailed for at least one year if found guilty.

A day after the incident, the Korean investor was taken to Monrovia for medical treatment.

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